firefighters shoot drone

Firefighters Shoot A Drone Out Of The Air

The drone was neither harassing the firemen nor interfering in any way. If anything, it was highlighting the good job they were doing and giving those interested an idea of the complexity of their job. What harm is someone recording it going to do?

People stand around recording stuff with their cell phones all the time instead of jumping into action.

The firefighter who made this strange decision should be held 100% liable for repairing and replacing the equipment that he unlawfully damaged.

The space above your house is not anybody’s property and the same way the surface below your house is also not anybody’s property. And news teams record footage of crimes from the sky all the time using helicopters. That’s why the firefighter who hosed down this drone, damaged an expensive piece of equipment with no legal justification.

Firefighters Shoot A Drone Out Of The Air(Video)

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