Firefox HTTP Nowhere

Firefox HTTP Nowhere: Blocks All But Encrypted Traffic To Make Your Online Surfing Secure

Firefox HTTP Nowhere

The add-on HTTPS Everywhere is very popular thesedays among Firefox users. If an Internet website provides an encrypted connection, it is automatically selected by this add-on. A more radical approach is pursued by the Firefox extension “HTTP Nowhere”. It blocks all the connections which are not encrypted. So users surf exclusively and safely via SSL connection. With “HTTPS Everywhere” you can surf the internet anonymously.

Firefox users can use it to block any insecure traffic in Firefox, so that only https connections are allowed. The idea sounds good if you place value on additional security when browsing. However, In practice, one sees that many sites are blocked. The reason is that with HTTP Nowhere you must specifically control the HTTPS address. Even if there is an encrypted version to a Web service available, it does not find the add-on automatically. However, users can quickly define exceptions here. The HTTP Nowhere button is located next to the address bar which shows all recently blocked pages and installs a button on the firefox navigation toolbar. With just a mouse click the unencrypted pages can also be permitted as exceptions. Via the menu item “Preferences” one can also manage these exceptions more comfortably.

This Firefox HTTP Nowhere easily and quickly blocks unencrypted web traffic for extra security and added security, thus it should be used by firefox surfers who want protection while surfing the internet. HTTP Nowhere is fully compatible with HTTPS Everywhere and can be downloaded below:

Download HTTP Nowhere here



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