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First-born kids are smarter than siblings, suggests research

Lahore (Web Desk) – A study was published in The Journal of Human Resources recently which found that children that are born first are more intelligent than their siblings.

Many reasons were identified in this respect including parental behavior and frequency of breastfeeding. It was stated that mothers take more risks during pregnancy in later-born children.

The behavior of parents varies with first-born and other children from infancy to school going age. This results in a change of education and labor market outcomes in kids.

About 5000 children in America were assessed as part of the research by taking into consideration different factors like family background and economic wellbeing, not to mention the birth order. Surprisingly, first-born kids scored higher in different physical and mental tests.

It was noted that parents’ participation in the learning process of their kids decreased with later-born kids. Another research previously claimed that older children are more likely to be successful.

Courtesy: Dunyanewstv

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