Forget Passwords because your Browser Remembers

Mozilla_firefoxForget Passwords and Let your Browser Remember because the Mozilla Foundation recently released BrowserID, an experimental tool designed to change the way users identify themselves online by storing identity information inside the browser and not allowing companies to handle it.

Mozilla says that BrowserID could be a safer and more secure way to verify identity, and would give users more privacy. In addition to BrowserID, Mozilla has developed a suite of open standards and protocols that would move control of personal information to the browser.

Mozilla’s system lets users connect one password to one email account. Mozilla confirms that the address is valid by sending an email to the user with a link that is used to verify ownership. Then, when a user visits a Web site that supports BrowserID, the site asks which email the user wants to use. Once the user enters that address, BrowserID checks to see if the user owns that email address and allows the user to enter the site.

Mozilla wants the system to work with email providers, which would require companies such as Google and Yahoo! to integrate BrowserID into their Web mail services.

Via Technology Review

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