Fujitsu pulse rate measurement app

Fujitsu Pulse Rate App : An App By Fujitsu That Measures Your Pulse In 5 Seconds


Fujitsu pulse rate measurement app
Fujitsu Siemens has developed a new technology that measures the Pulse rate of a person in real-time through a camera of smartphone, Laptop, PC or tablet within 5 seconds time. Fujitsu said that the technology, which reads the amount of haemoglobin in a person’s face, could be used to monitor employees’ health or detect people acting suspiciously and distrustfully.

This Fujitsu Pulse Rate App can give an accurate pulse reading when the camera is pointed at a face for just five seconds, it detects and measures the changes in brightness of a certain area of a persons’s face for each time frame, which is caused by the blood flow.

This technology requires no special hardware and the pulse rate can be measured acuurately and  simply by pointing a camera at user’s face for just five seconds. It could soon be a quick and lasting solution not only for every user to monitor his own pulse rate but it can also be used by security personnel to identify people who behave suspiciously at public places like Train stations, airports, large gatherings, shopping centers and musical concerts.

The company said the following in an official statement:

“Even at a busy workplace, or any time a person is sitting in front of a PC, whether for teleconferencing or writing e-mails, their pulse can be measured during brief moments of quiet, At home, a camera built into a TV can measure the pulse of people relaxing in front of it, or a mirror, for when people are getting ready in the morning,”.

The statements also says:
“Pulse detectors built into gates at event sites or control points at airports could be a possible security application by detecting people in ill health and people acting suspiciously.”

According to the company, this software will be commercially available before April 2014.



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