GeoHot Quits Facebook, Gets Back Full Time into Hacking


The name of one of the best hackers of the world and one of the most famous name in the jailbreak community is “Geohot”. This is the name that Sony and Apple fears. He is the legendary hacker who brought the first jailbreak to the world and unlock for the iPhone back in 2008. GeoHot’s previous developed jailbreak tools are Blackra1n, Limera1n, Purplera1n and BlackSn0w unlock tool.

Back in the June of 2011, George Hotz (GeoHot) was hired by Facebook after getting sued by Sony for hacking into Playstation 3. Basically, GeoHot was popular for its unlock and jailbreaking tools for iPhone users, and now when he is quitting from Facebook, it seems he will join back jailbreak community and hope so some other jailbreak tools would be on his credit in the coming near future. Actually he is now again full time hacker and back in the scene. He has also joined a start-up funded by Lady Gaga called Backplane.

iOS Lovers have been keeping their fingers crossed for him to join the jailbreak community and it seems their wish have finally come true.





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