Giant Burrito eaten in Under 2 Minutes

Chewing Food Was Yesterday : Giant Burrito Inhaled in Under 2 Minutes

You may never have seen something like this before. This guy is Matt Stone, A famous internet competitive eater. In honor of his 500,000 YouTube fans, he decided to inhale the Burrittozila, a huge 2,26 KG, 18 inch long of Mexican heaven at the Igunas restaurant in San Jose, CA. You must be wondering where the hell is the food going?! I am actually more worried about how its going to come out. Must have been very painful for him, the wc round.

May be this guy Matt Stone should do a video where he goes to a random all-you-can-eat restaurant and just clean the place out like a hungry little pacman. But seriously, all this eating could leave him with serious health issues in the future. May be he is destroying his body and we don’t want to see that happen to him. This video has gone viral with almost one million views in few days.

Giant Burrito Inhaled in Under 2 Minutes: Video

He almost had his fingers bitten off. And you would not have noticed if he had a thumb missing halfway through. Coz he is so good at deepthroating. 🙂

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