Girlfriend Pregnancy Prank

Girlfriend Pregnancy Prank Goes Wrong And Backfires

Girlfriend Pregnancy PrankA girlyfriend wanted to trick her boyfriend with a fake pregnancy test. She tells him she is expecting a child from him but in reality she is not pregnant at all. How all this goes wrong and backfires hard on her and how the situation escalates so quickly, watch in this viral video which has got more than 11 Million clicks so far.

He probably knew she was pranking him and he pranked her back. 🙂 . A bit of a cruel joke to play telling someone you are pregnant in this girlfriend pregnancy prank.

This Czech couple is famous for playing pranks on each other, they make videos secretly and then upload it to YouTube. No wonder that the man immediately becomes confused and asks. “Are you kidding ?!” . The girlfriend claims she is telling the truth, whereupon he gets more nervous and angry.

Girlfriend Pregnancy Prank Goes Wrong And Backfires (Video)



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