google glass Eye Pain

Google Glass Can Cause Eye Strain and Headache

Google Glasses Eye Strain, Headache and neck Pain

Google Glass can cause eye strain and headache as documented by several users. Dr. Eli Peli, a professor of ophthalmology at Harvard, has advised google about the manufacturing of the data glasses. He explained in an interview that human eyes are not used to looking up or to the side at length and Google Glass was not designed with the hope users would stare at it at for lengthy time period, therefore using the data glasses may cause pain to the eyes. It is due to the eye muscle strain and would disappear after a few days or a week on its own and that’s when the muscles around the eye should start getting used to looking in weird directions. But the fact is that the google glass users have already complained on Twitter and other social media platforms of sharp pains, eye strain and headaches caused by their $1500 google gadget.

Dr. Peli also mentioned that, “It’s not a headache, it’s sort of a discomfort in the eye muscles. To describe it as a headache is inconsistent with how people experience headaches. During the setup process and in the first weeks of uses, users can look to the side for up to to a minute, sixty times longer than normal, causing eye muscle strain”.

Google has developed the Glasses in such a way that the position of the digital field of vision does not distract the user from normal activities and yet it lies comfortably. Normally Google Glass users would only briefly look at the digital display, such as to check for navigation information,  checking directions,  taking a picture or reading a text and not to watch a Saturday night movie.

Google Glasses Eye Strain

Dr. Nathan who is a VSP Optometrist have already warned about using Google Glasses , he says: “Consumers may experience a physiological impact while wearing these glasses, such as increased eye-strain and dry eyes from reduced blinking. This could ultimately cause headaches and neck pain and are the symptoms of computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain.”

The people’s privacy is another big issue with Google Glasses. Google glass creates a deep discomfort as people no longer can know if they’re being secretly filmed. Some people think this technology is a total invasion of privacy and should not be used publicly.

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