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Google Glass: First in-Depth Look Into Glass Development Kit

Google has released a first beta version of the Glass Development Kit (GDK) of its own data-goggles Google Glass at a hackathon in San Francisco. Developers had first access to programming interfaces and upcoming features. With the Google Glass Development Kit, special android-Apps are intended to be developed that run on data-goggles. They will run in real time and offline on the glasses. This beta version is called google sneak peek which is available now as an API for download. The requirement for this is as usual an active Google account and participation in the beta program of data glasses. In this 37 minute video Timothy Jordan, Developer of Google, giving the detailed first look at the “Sneak Peek” in developer’s conference and presenting the first in-house Glassware including API. One of the main innovations here is the introduction of so-called “live” cards. These allow the users by letting  them write the real-time data from apps directly into the timeline of Google Glass. Besides, these Apps are supposed to get by without any Internet connection as well. Google’s developers also presented the functions ‘Voice trigger’ and ‘immersion’.

Immersion will ensure in the future that certain actions performed by the carrier of Google Goggles, stay in focus also including apps or games that are interacting in real time. Voice trigger, on the other hand granted its own control to respond to gestures or voice commands. Google also released the addition of a number of approved apps (The gLasswares) plus five Glass Development Kit apps. They are Word Lens, Allthecooks Recipes GolfSight, Spellista, and Strava.

Google Glassware Apps:


Google Glassware Apps

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