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Google Glass Hacked: Jaye Freeman “Saurik” Hacked The Google Data Glasses

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The founder and developer of alternative iOS AppStore Cydia Mr. Jay Freeman also known under the pseudonym “Saurik”,  has hacked the data glasses, Google Glass before even its official availability. As Freeman told the business magazine Forbes, he rooted the operating system of Google Glasses, Android 4.0.4, with the help of a known hack of the year 2012  and thus won the complete control over the Google Glass.  Jay Freeman hacked successfully into it and jailbroke it. “It took me two hours while I was having dinner with friends at the time,” said Freeman.

On the issue of Google Glass Hacked, Forbes  further speculates the jailbreak could also help to disable the Google’s verification function to deactivate Google Glass from afar.

Jaye Freeman “Saurik”:

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