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Google Glass Unboxing : First Buyers Show Their New Data Glasses

Dan McLaughlin Using Google Glass to show Google Glass unboxing in this video. Undoubtedly Google Glass are currently one of the most sought after technology devices in the world. The very first copies the data goggles are currently being delivered to the developers. Google calls these devices of the first generation as the “Explorer Edition” ( the version for explorers). Watch the detailed unpacking video of the google glass above which is also made using the Google Glass and see what google has packed in that black box for you.

Google Glasses

There is another video of the Racing as recorded through Google Glass at Go-Kart Racing track in Burlingame, CA. Experience this awesome gadget in full swing.Just imagine watching sports from the athletes’ point of view.This is absolutely innovative on all levels and there is nothing like this on the market, anywhere. Totally pioneering, perfect and revolutionary idea. Matt Abdou from California had the opportunity to wear the Google glass and take a round on a Go-Kart Track to make the following good quality video: Check it out:

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