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Google Help For Hacked Sites: Google Helps Those Who Have Recently Been Hacked

Google help for hacked sites

Google opens online resources to support and help the Domain owners of hacked Websites regain control and make security repairs instantly. Same as in the real life, there are also traces in the internet that will help you estimate and locate the damage caused by nasty intruders to your website.If your website got recently hacked, google knows it even before your first customers jump off of your website because of this serious issue.

Google wants to do something for the benefit of customers and for this purpose google has started and introduced a comprehinsive and detailed support site that shows images, texts, videos and a detailed step by step guide to explain the technical and procedural steps and tips on how to detect a hack, what kind of hack must that have been, what the owner of a hacked site should do to recover his site completely and how to avoid such disasters in the future and some extra additional steps to resolve security breaches.

Google’s Maile Ohye says, “If you’ve ever helped a friend recover their hacked site, you know it can get fairly complicated—beyond just the technical issues, Our new ‘Google Help for Hacked Sites’ series includes articles and 80+ minutes of video to help you, and to help you help others.”

“Just as you focus on making a site that’s good for users and search-engine friendly, keeping your site secure – for you and your visitors – is also paramount.” writes the Maile Ohye.

Maile Ohye offered the following security measures that needs to be taken in order to avoid needing help for hacked websites.

  • Make regular, automated site backups without any delay.
  • Remove irrelevant, unnecessary or unused software.
  • Always create and enforce strong passwords and update them on regular basis.
  • Keep everything updated including All softwares.
  • Manage all devices logged into secure servers.
  • Always u​nderstand the security practices of all applications, plugins and third-party software before they’re installed on your server. Only a minor security vulnerability in any one software can put the entire website in danger and adversely affect the complete security of your site.

Here is the Google’s support Site to help hacked sites:

Please watch the more detailed video below to know how and why sites are hacked and review your options of site’s recovery.


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