Google Play Bad Apps: 17 Malicious Apps Found on Google Play

android malicious apps

Virus specialists from Trendmicro have reported that they have identified 17 malicious Apps and 10 of them carry only unwanted advertisement on the android device and the other seven contain malicious codes. It shows clearly that there are not only useful apps availble for download on google play but the experts found prorams that install malicious codes on your Android device without your knowledge.

Specially the “The Spy Phone pro +” which names itself as a “Spyware app” but it actually poses a great threat and danger for your android smartphone. With the help of this risky app, the hackers easily keep track of your telephonic conversations and follow your exchanged and recieved text messages. The number of downloads clearly show that more than 100, 000 people have already fallen into the hacker’s trap through this malicious app.

so here is a list of these malicious android apps which you should be aware of to secure your android device by avoiding these apps completely.

1. SpyPhone

2. Apps Shelf

3. Avia Puzzles

4. Mountain Puzzles

5. New York City Puzzle

6. Food Puzzle

7. NFL Teams Puzzle

8. NBA Teams Puzzle

9. Cricket Puzzle

10. Best Design Shoes

11. BeyBlade

12. Barbie Fantasy Puzzle

13. Smiley Widgets

14. Baloon Game

15. Indians Puzzle

16. Monster 3D

17. Barbie Hollywood Puzzle

Users who seriously worry that their android device is infected by these malicious apps must try the Trend Micro’s offered free solution which is available  with the name of “House Call Mobile” and is ready for download as an important part of the security solution “Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android – Personal Edition“ . Avira is also offering a free security app “Avira Free Android Security” with almost the similar functions and options.

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