Google Search Reunion ad

Google Search Reunion Ad : Partitions Divide Countries, Friendships Find a way

The India-Pakistan partition in 1947 separated many friends and families overnight. A granddaughter in India decides to surprise her grandfather on his birthday by reuniting him with his childhood friend (who is now in Pakistan) after over 6 decades of separation, with a little help from Google Search. with this ad, Google India promotes the power of its search functionality and also manages to strike a sentimental and unrestrained harmonization with its viewers not only in India but also in Pakistan. This little video clip represents the pain of partition which still persistently obsesses and haunts the mind of people who got separated from their dears and loved ones in 1947 partition. The victims of partition find it difficult in going across the border till date.

The politics has ruined the relations. It is still a dream that India and Pakistan become normal neighbours. Special train and bus routes should be built throughout the region. So that taking a train from Rawalpindi to Bangkok and from Chennai to Turkey and beyond becomes easier for everybody and with all the transport infrastructure, trade may flourish throughout and the region and its people get prosper. The google search reunion ad is the power of technology that has broken all the barriers, frontiers and prejudice.

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