Google Space Internet: Google Plans To Provide Internet Access For The Whole Earth

google plans internet from spaceThe search engine giant Google wants to improve the availability of internet access on the earth with satellites and plans to spend more than $1 billion for this project. Google will set up 180 small, high-capacity satellites in low orbits around the earth to provide broadband internet access for the entire planet across the globe. The number of mini satellites could then double if the system works properly. The so far unexplored areas on earth will also get access to the internet via these satellites. About two-thirds of the planet earth still remain without access to the internet but google now wants to change this by providing faster, cheaper Internet access for the 4.8 billion people not online as yet.

The reports about Google’s project “Loon” had caused a stir a few weeks ago, in which high pressure Balloons work as kind of floating Wireless routers in 18 KM above Earth’s surface to ensure the web access to the remote regions. These mini-satelites will weigh just over 100 Kilometers and will orbit closer to the earth than traditional satellites.

Google has already bought a drone company Titan Aerospace (Solar-powered drone manufacturers) to start experimenting with other ways of spreading the Internet to remote areas currently without web access. These prototype Drones of the company work with solar energy and can hold over 5 years at a height of almost 20 kilometers. They work similar to geostationary satellites but are less expensive.

Susan Irwin, who is the president of Irwin Communications, said that “Google and Facebook are trying to figure out ways of reaching populations that thus far have been unreachable. Wired connectivity only goes so far and wireless cellular networks reach small areas. Satellites can gain much broader access.”

Google space internet is a satellite-powered internet project to boost internet access from space in the hopes of increasing revenues.

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