Google talking shoe

Google Talking Shoes: Google’s New Technology Product

google talking shoe

A shoe that can talk. A real “Talking Shoe”, which is a part of the “Art, Copy, Code” Project. It tries to give social and real life meaning to everyday objects. The smartphone technology is installed in this google talking shoes. It is technically feasible, but hardly anyone would so far get the idea to take off his shoes to make calls or check his e-mails.

Rather, the inter-communication with existing devices or networks, such as “Google+” would be demonstrated.

The idea is that the shoe would function a lot like many of the today’s fitness gadgets that attempts to motivate you more, for example. If you have been sitting for a long time (1 or two hours) then it might start yelling at you to walk around instantly. Mr. Aman Govil, The head of the Art, Copy & Code initiative said

“The Talking Shoe is an experiment in how you can use connected objects to tell stories on the Web today,” .

Google talking shoes also aims to translate movement data in funny messages to its users.

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