Google’s Value: Google Now More Valuable Than Microsoft

google microsoft

Google is now on the second place among the top 10 of the most valuable technology companies of the world and finally displaces rival Microsoft to a third place. Search engine monster Google has been looking back on a very successful business year 2012.

Details about new Google’s Value:

The company’s shares rose by about 30 percent in value during the recent months.The value per share at the closing time of stock Markets yesterday in USA were at about 761.78 U.S. dollars. This clearly shows that the Google’s value is now worth 249.13 billion U.S. dollars on the trading floor. This brilliant success brought Google to the second place in the top list of the most valuable technology company of the world.

Microsoft slips with a market value of 247.23 billion U.S. dollars to the third place. Well, the iPhone manufacturing company Apple is still enjyoing its unchallenged First place in the ranking. Apple will stay on this best pole position yet for a long long time without any dispute as no other company will be able to occupy it so quickly because Apple owns 618.12 billion U.S. dollars worth more than Google and Microsoft combined.


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