Hackers Attack on Yahoo : More than 450,000 Passwords Stolen

yahoo hackedArs Techtica reported that a hacker group has stolen more than 450,000 sensitive log-in data including Yahoo email addresses and passwords. The group presented the informatoion in internet as a proof . According to the information contained in that document, a hacker group “D33Ds Company” is behind this Hackers Attack on Yahoo.

Hackers Attack on Yahoo:

Experts are of the view that the Data stolen belongs to “Yahoo Voice” a web telephone service. Yahoo mentioned to Techcrunch that the data actually comes from yahoo server but did not comment as which service the data originate from. The internet company itself changes the passwords of the affected users and recommends its users to change their passwords on regular basis. The data-Thieves successfully got access to the yahoo SQL-Injection server due to security breach and here  the data-thieves found hundreds of thousands of user data accounts with un-encrypted passwords. “We hope that those responsible see this as a wake-up call and not as a threat.” , the grooup said after attacking yahoo-server . Hackers attack on yahoo has shown the security flaws of yahoo on multiple platforms.


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