Hainan Airlines sniffing Armpits

Hainan Airlines Sniffing Armpits: ‘Armpit’ Tests on Interviewing Pilots

Hainan Airlines officials sniff potential pilots’ armpits for body odor as part of the interview process. Pilots have to be on top of their game at all times.Recently Hainan Airlines in China hosted a pilot recruitment event. Potential pilots faced many rigorous requirements, one of which was having absolutely no body odor.

Hainan Airlines Sniffing Armpits:

To make the whole ordeal even more over-the-top, interviewers would get really up close and personal with the underarm area, sniffing candidates’ bare pits. Officials claim that plane staff commonly interact with the public and passengers do want to deal with someone’s body odor during their trip, especially an employee of the airline.

They also claimed that sweating and odor at the interview is a good stress indicator of the would-be pilots while in flight. One rejected interviewee stated “I passed everything but I was doomed by my armpits, which are always a bit whiffy.”

China has recently recruited thousands of airline personnel and the aviation industry has drastically increased training measures.

Do you think the hygiene requirement go too far?

Hainan Airlines sniffing Armpits

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