The Heartbeat OpenSSL Bug

Heartbleed Bug: Enables Access To Your SMS-Messages

The Heartbeat OpenSSL Bug

Heartbleed is a major flaw that has taken the Internet by storm, affecting both computer and mobile phone users. If the corresponding gateways are accessible via the Internet then this serious heartbleed vulnerability in OpenSSL can even provide hackers the access to your SMS messages. The vulnerability in OpenSSL i.e. (the Heartbleed breach) not only has an effect on encrypted communication via the web browser, but it also makes the encryption of some SMS gateways attackable. Hackers have already managed to read the messages sent by SMS gateway,  including tokens for two-factor authentication.

The Hackers have taken advantage of these circumstances and spied on rescue services, police communication and secret agencies. For this purpose, the hackers successfully attacked at least seven SMS gateways, which can be remotely controlled through a web interface over the Internet.

The OpenSSL version is still partially used by users on their devices which made it possible for the hackers to exploit it via Heartbleed and enable access to SMS-Messages.

Below is a video in which Dr. Steven Bagley takes us through the Heartbleed code and shows us how it works. He will look at it and run the code that exploits the Heartbleed bug. It is crazy how bugs like this are still getting through.

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