How To Surf The Internet Without A Web Browser


Web Browsers

Sometimes its fun to surf the internet without having installed any web browser. No need to install internet explorer, no mozilla firefox, no opera, no google chrome, and etc… Or if because of some reasons your web browser has been disabled by the system administrator or even removed

but don’t worry about this problem any more because now there is a solution… as long as there is an internet connection, you can use another program to surf the internet.


1. Click on the START button in Windows XP and then click on the Search


surf without a browser


2. Now just type the site you want to browse as shown below in the pic


Surf the internet without a Browser


An another way of browsing the internet is just go to My Computer and type in the address bar the website you want to browse as shown in the image.


Surf the internet without a browser

this trick we used actually opens the Internet Explorer by default from the My Computer when you enter the URL of a website. Use it because sometime you will need it, enjoy

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