calling friends with their own numbers

How to Call Your Friends With Their Own Cell Number

You might have tried lots of other tricks available on the Internet which you can use to have fun with your friends. But today I am going to share a trick that can shock your friend by calling your friends with their own cell number.

In this trick, you will be able to call any of your friend from his/her own phone number. It means that your friend will get a call from his/her own phone number which will surely be a shock to him/her. Sounds interesting? Then check this out.

HOW TO : Call Your Friends From Their Own Cell Number

1. Go to the and register thereto make an account.

2. During registration, insert the mobile number of the victim with whom you wanna play this trick in “Phone number” field

3. Finish the registration process, confirm your email id and then login to your account. Now, click on the “Direct WebCall” option as shown in the image below.


4. You will arrive at page shown below. In “Enter a number” box, select your country and also mobile number of your victim friend. Now, just click on the “Call Now” button to call your friend .

5. Now, you friend will get a call from his/her own number… Enjoy

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