How To Track Your Stolen Smart Phone Free

mobile phone stolenYou can use “Prey” to get  to your smart phone, laptop even desktop for absolutely free. You will have to set your status as Stolen in “Prey” website control panel” then prey will collect several details needed to locate your device.

  • Your Network or IP addresses
  • Screen shots of your device.
  • Total Time usage.
  • Login user name.
  • WiFi information.

The very first step is to install prey weather you use it on PC , or any other devise it doesn’t matter at all. “Prey” can pick windows, Linux, Mac, OS and almost every kind of software. Once you installed, configure this software.

Secondly Create a new Prey account from website and listed as existing user.

Now open that installed file check which type of your devise was stolen, This software will help you to generate and tell you several information about that device and send it to you.

Now Start tracking your stolen device.

  • Log in
  • Go to configuration.
  • devise status “Stolen”
  • Set particular time you want to get a desired report.
  • change your settings if you want to.
  • “save” in end.

finally you can get your generate report, and view your stole devise details. Prey will keep working in the  background. while you have to wait several day’s or weeks , for this purpose you can make prey as your normal windows start up. Add it to custom men or make it a shortcut on your desktop. Your report catch up you later when it will be ready.

Click Here to Download Prey stolen device tracker

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