The worlds smallest Quadcopter

Hubsan Q4 Quadcopter : The Worlds Smallest Nano Drone

The worlds smallest QuadcopterThe demand for the flying objects is very high thesedays and the manufacturers also reacting accordingly. More and more models are available now in the market, making it increasingly difficult for the interested pilots to decide which Quadcopter they should buy. Whether big or small, whether in amateur, semi-professional or professional range…..the variety is infinite. But how do you choose the ideal Quadcopter from this wide range so that its fun for you like no other.

Using the entry level Quadcopters like Hubsan Q4 for the beginning, will make you fall in love with them. You can fly them from the comfort of your bed inside your room, or perform cool stunts in the garden or take it to your school/college and fly it in the breaks, just for fun.

The Hubsan Q4 is by far the best, most capable and worlds smallest nano sized Quadopter multirotor. Beats out all the rest with it’s 2.4ghz control frequency, 3 flight rate modes, and aerobatic flips! It costs just over $20 but its a lovely gift for both adults and kids. Fly it and show your friends how awesome you are.!! Watch the video below for a detailed review, setting up the Hubsan Q4 Quadcopter, And see how fun it is to fly this world’s smallest nano Quadcopter at home.

Hubsan Q4 Quadcopter: Unboxing, review and setting up to roll

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