“Humans will walk on another Planet” says NASA Head


The head of NASA says he predicts that humans will walk on another planet in his lifetime. With all due respect to Mr. Bolden, his prediction is most likely wrong. NASA’s current timetable, as outlined by President Obama, puts the first human landing on Mars around 2040.

Bolden is 65 now, and will be 95 years old in 2041.

Unless some other President and/or some other congress decides to make NASA a priority, and fund it accordingly, Mr. Bolden will likely have died of old age before any human footprints are put on Mars.

“Despite what you may have heard,” said the 65-year-old Bolden, “human spaceflight is not ending.”

The Obama administration has ceased the shuttle program in hopes of sending astronaut expeditions to an asteroid and Mars. NASA officials say they are retiring the shuttle fleet so the agency can get out of low-Earth orbit and focus on points beyond.

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