I’m watch – A Cool Android Smartwatch

I’m watch

As you know that Smart watches are taking the app-craze hands free. I’m watch is the android powered device for your wrist is the first watch which connects to the smartphone of different types, a modern design as well as low cost.

Just touch, drag, swipe or pinch to use all the functionalities or open any of the preinstalled apps.

You can also download the apps from I’m store. The device has 1.54-inch display with the resolution of 240×240, 64 MB RAM and 4 GB ROM and a non-removable 600mAh battery. It connect with your android, iPhone with phone via Bluetooth 2.1


I'm watch


I'm watch

Features of I’m Watch:

  • Visualize the watch both in the analogue and digital format.
  • receive call from your friend and can able to see name and number of caller.
  • Call anyone by just dialing number or choose it from address book.
  • You can use speakerphone to avoid distractions.
  • Receive text message with preview.
  • Receive emails.
  • Check today’s weather forecast of your city. the weather are updated in real time.
  • Keep in touch with your friend, receive notifications from Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.
  • Download and Listen music. and music will automatically paused when someone call you.
  • Download interesting apps from I’m store.
  • View the photos in your smartwatch by just swiping the display.
  • Receive notifications on stock market data. It’ll keep you up to date.

How much I’m Watch Costs:

I’m Watch available in 249$ and premium limited edition price can vary from 599$ to 11,999$

more info at I’m Watch Official site

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