Apple’s iCloud E-mail Censorship ?

Apple icloud

iCloud’s Spam filter appears to be blocking inappropriate word combinations. Apple is deleting emails that contain certain word combinations like “barely legal teen”. It cleary shows that Emails sent through Apple system are read and checked intensively. According to a report from the website “Cult of Mac”, a theatre director used the phrase “Barely leagl teen” – a search term that is typed too often in Porno website search engines.

He sent this message through icloud email system but his message never reached the recepient. All attempts made later to sent the message again with that phrase “Barely leagl teen” failed one after another. The sender did not get any message from the apple either as to why his attempts to send a message failed. In doing so the sender actually had used the phrase in a sense, which had nothing to do with sexual intentions.

Techtica also made a test and sent the message over iCloud email containing the phrase “barely legal teen” but it did not reach the recipient as well.

According to the Apple Spokesman, the icloud email spam filter could occasionaly block appropriate content too. “If a customer believes that a permissible content was blocked, then we ask him to report this to us”

Apple is already known for its strict rules and regulations in the App Store and thats why sex content in its applications are being filtered out very strictly. This also arises a question. For which other keywords/Phrases Apple may still filter messages without letting the senders and recipients know about it? .

May be the users should leave and abandon iCloud and look for any other secure and modified system because nobody feels happy if someone interfers with his/her privacy and rifles through the private emails.


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