Immersive 4D Virtual Reality Arcades

Immersive 4D Virtual Reality Arcades Of The Future

Immersive 4D Virtual Reality ArcadesWhat if you could explore new dimentions…new worlds, where dreams become reality and imagination has no limits.

You will pleasurably enter into an advanced never-ending experience and dimensions at The VOID, that presents you the future of entertainment from casting spells in the darkest of dungeons, to fighting intergalactic wars on alien planets. The Modern Virtual-Reality technology of The VOID lets you see, feel and go about the digital worlds in a very realistic, hypnotic and immersive way, beyond your imaginations and fantasies.

How cool would this be? You would probably soil yourself if you saw that monster appearing out of the dark like that. For some folks, that is still not enough. They demand themselves to be projected into the game, they want to feel the g-force, they want to feel scared when a dragon comes flying up to them and it’s actually their body. They want to be slashed by the supreme excalibur. Watch this beautiful video below which is probably the coolest impressive video you will see today.

Immersive 4D Virtual Reality Arcades Of The Future: (Video)

Optimal Design is the technology development partner for THE VOID’s cutting edge Virtual Entertainment Center (VEC). The VEC combines a superior virtual reality experience by overlaying the virtual environment onto real world objects. Along with 4D effects such as wind, rain, scents, etc. THE VOID is an incredibly immersive and realistic experience.

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