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Internet Archive: The Future of Long-Term Digital Storage

The internet archive can be used to go back in the history and resort to millions of books, films, audio files, and Web sites since their publication. The web information center “Internet Archive” now claims to have stored over 10 petabytes (1 Petabyte = 1000 Terabytes = 1 Million Gigabytes) of data, including millions of books, video clips, audio recordings and an archive of 150 + billion web pages which makes it the world’s largest online library. The data are archived at custom made “Petabox” servers. Each Petabox contains 10 racks and each rack holds 38 hard drives of 3 terabytes each.

The internet archive offers a Wayback Machine (Take Me Back), with which users can step up into the time-travel of the past and can retrieve the stored web-sites in different versions. The Internet Archive’s headquarters are situated in San Francisco and the book scanning center plus the book storage facilities are established in Richmond, California. The mission of “Internet Archive” is to provide permanent universal access to all knowledge and to preserve the contents of internet history on massive scale.

The Internet Archive was founded by Mr.Brewster Kahle in the year 1996, Mr.Robert Miller is the director of books and Alexis Rossi is the director of web collections). This video will show you where the files are hosted, how they can be accessed, how the data is managed and a detailed insight into the operations of the Internet Archive. The general public, scholars, researchers, historians and the print disabled can take advantage of the free access provided to them by the internet archive. You can visit “Internet Archive” the world’s largest online library by clicking Here.

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