internet explorer 8 zero day exploit

Internet Explorer 8: Critical Zero Day Vulnerability Detected

 internet explorer 8 zero day exploit

A newly detected malicious and very critical vulnerability in Internet Explorer 8 is already being exploited for attacks on the Web, as Microsoft announces about it in its explicit security recommendation 2847140. The Malware can be installed unnoticed on other computers through this IE 8 security Flaw.

Microsoft therefore advices urgently to update to a latest Ineternet Exploer version, that is Internet Explorer 9 and 10. However, this update requires at least windows Vista operating system. According to the microsoft, the Internet Explorer 8 users should at least set the security settings in their PC’s for the “Internet” and “Intranet” areas to Red “high”. As a result of this security measure, the ActiveX-Controls, elements and Active scripting gets blocked on website’s pages which may restrain and affect the functioning of many pages.

In addition, the Inetrnet explorer IE should be set in a way that it should issue a warning before each time the Active Scripting is executed.

If you have installed a second browser on your PC, such as Firefox or google Chrome, then keep using it until this Internet explorer 8 vulnerbility gets patched but If you still use Internet Explorer, be sure you are using at least version 9 to avoid being a victim of these malicious attacks. This critical vulnerabilty exploit code has already been posted and is easy to find in internet on various online resources, this can get added to the mainstream Exploit Kits and thus it may tumble down on a large scale soon.

Microsoft is already working on an update on IE8, which shuts and folds this serious security vulnerability problem. The Internet exlorer versions 6, 7, 9 and 10 are not affected.



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