iPad Nickel Allergy

iPad Nickel Allergy: iPad Can Trigger a Nasty Allergy

iPad Nickel Allergy

A recent incident in San Diego shows that iPads contain Nickel, one of the most common allergy-inducing metals. Nickel is processed in the tablet and many people are allergic to this metal as it is a common allergy-inducing metal and can cause nasty itchy rashes.

It is about the case of an eleven year old boy.He had to be hospitalized because of itchy body rash. The doctor in charge diagnosed a nickel allergy relatively quickly which triggered scaly patch rash over the whole body of the boy. However, it was not clear where he could have brought this high nickel dose from.

iPad Nickel Allergy Details video:

But the iPad of this boy, among the 1st versions of the device launched in the year 2010, tested positive for iPad Nickel Allergy. It is still unclear if all iPads contain nickel, or merely the 1st generation of the device.

Apple however defended the safety of its all products. The company said following in a statement:

“We have found that allergies like the one reported in this case are extremely rare. Apple products are made from the highest quality materials and meet the same strict standards set for jewellery by both the US Consumer Safety Product Commission and their counterparts in Europe. We rigorously test our products to make sure they are safe for all our customers.”

Nickel is also found in drinking water or in legumes and whole grains products. However, the amounts are negligible so that they allergologically hardly play a role.

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