iPhone Cookies: Cookie Phone to trick the cops

Creating a cookie that looks like an iPhone and then deliberately attempting to fool a cop into pulling you over is a funny idea. This guy in the video bakes cookies that look like an iPhone, sits in his car and holds this iPhone cookies to his ear as if he is calling and waits until a patrol car of the local police is nearby. The cop then becomes attentive to him and want to fine him. A flashy idea brought by a comedian Randy Liedtke from Los Angeles in the very first video of this kind. This means that the whole world can experience now what one should expect for doing a prank like this. When the policeman comes to the car to confront him with his wrongful act, he would bite and ask the law enforcement officer where the problem lies and whether cookies are against the law. Actually not a bad idea and a nice trick against the police. All you need is a little recipe for that iPhone cookie but don’t forget, your this sort of action will make talking into cookies illegal as well 🙂

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