Just Shorten The Links and Make Easy Money (video)

shorten links make moneyThere are lots of link shortening services are available on internet which people use for their comfort. Doing this usually, people do not make money by using these link shortening services. Here i explain how you can make money by link shortening

url shortening

Among the many others URLF.ly is a free URL shortening service with a twist and nice approach. You get paid to share your links on the Internet using the URLF.LY. service. Just register for your free account and start shrinking the links and posting them at URLF.ly is actually all what you have to do to start making easy money. You can make money for each & every person that visits your URLs. You can also place your shortend urls on Facebook, Twitter, different forums, personal websites and any other social networking sites that you may like.

More than $4.00/1000 visitors to your links, can be earned with this service. All advertising is without pop-ups and family-safe. Real-time statistics with revenue reporting are also included in your free account.

Watch thevideo below for more:

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