justdelete.me : Delete Your Account From Web-Services With Just One Click


Over the web service justdelete.me you can delete your profile in social networks and Internet services with just one click. Social networks are booming continuously. Registering yourself on a website is often more easily done, however, the deletion or deactivation of a user’s account is associated with some hurdles. So most providers often hide such an option deeply in the jungle of navigation. This new web service justdelete.me takes the hassle of looking for the delete button off from your shoulders.

The neatly designed and arranged website justdelete.me is currently listing all 40 direct links by which you can abandon or delete the respective profiles time savingly. These services are marked either hard (Red), medium (Yellow ), easy (Green) and not-deletable (Black) depending on how difficult it is to delete that account. Thus, the users must contact customer support when closing their accounts with red-marked services . Yellow-highlighted services require even up to 180 days for this simple step, while the black-highlighted services indicate that the account with these services, possibly can not be deleted. Apart from social networks like Twitter and Facebook, some online stores, payment services or subscription services such as Lovefilm can also  be found on justedelete.me.

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