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Ladyzunga To Abcdefg: This Woman is Now Called Abcdefg Hijklmn Opqrst Uvwxyz

For two long years this woman fought for the right to change her name – now her wish is fulfilled. This 36 years old Colombian woman  is now called … Abcdefg HIJKLMN opqrst UVWXYZ. She often changes names and was previously known as Ladyzunga Cyborg. The 36-year-old has a bad habit for unusual names quite some time now. Therefore a couple of times she has requested a name change. Before she became Abcdefg, it was Ladyzunga Cyborg! Abcdefg from Bogota works as a teacher, She does not teach the alphabets, but art and photography instead at three different universities.

Ms Uvwxyz also has passion for fetish clothes and Nazi bondage uniforms and designs bondage fashions partly with provocative Nazi symbolism. She said she felt a need to ‘redefine herself’ and bring ‘element of surprise’ so now if you want to call her then you will have to read the whole 26 letters of the alphabet.

She said: “I’ve changed my name so people wouldn’t know it’s me.But it’s not because I was disturbed by it but because I wanted to always bring an element of surprise.”

Ladyzunga To Abcdefg:

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