Live Security Platinum Virus Removal Guide – 10 Easy Steps

Live Security Platinum Virus is a bogus applications/Virus designed and prepared by hackers today to rip off many users around the globe to report fake alerts and block other legitimate security applications on your computer. If you notice, while the Live Security Platinum is active on your computer, you won’t be able to run any other applications.

Live Security Platinum Virus : (Looks like a real interface)

live security platinum virus



















Even If you run Internet Explorer, this rogue malware will close down it forcefully and ask you to scan your computer for infection. It will also block genuine antivirus applications on your computer and leave your helpless. How It would be possible to remove a malware without having access to any tools? This is how this malware works and It can download additional malicious stuff to your computer If you don’t remove Live Security Platinum quickly. During the past two months, this rogue has changed its user interface two times.

If you removed it, download a virus scanner below to remove the left files.

Click Here to download the virus scanner

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