Make your Slow Smartphone Quick and Tip-Top


You might have noticed that after a few months of use your Smartphone becomes slower than the time when you first bought it from the Smartphone-shop. Well, taking the approach simply doing a factory reset but doing this you will lose your data and you will have to reconfigure your phone once again so leave this option and follow the simple steps given below .

Clearing your Smartphone’s Cache:

If you have an app that very frequently crashes, don’t close or uninstall it, simply try clearing its cache and most of the negative issues will be resolved.

Steps to follow:

* Open the settings menu

* Click Aplications

* Select Manage Applications

* Select the App thats having problems

* Clear the cache
Uninstalling Apps:

Some aps may also cause troubles for your smartphone beacuse they are not correctly programmed and some have built-in problems, Some apps automatically turn on the GPS as soon as you open them and it forgets to turn the GPS off even after the job is done so it wastes your battery power and some apps run processes in the background without your knowledge. There are some task killers available in the android market to stop these processes from running in the backgroud but they are not very effective so the only option left is to open your app drawer and select “Uninstal”. This way you can manage some extra space for your images, videos and music on your smartphone.


Cleaning Out Your Memory Card:

Install “DiskUsage” App and delete the unneeded and unused old files from your smartphone. This app “DiskUsage” will help you select those fles on your phone that are taking the most space. To perform this you will have to plug your smartphone into a PC or use a file browsing app such as Astro.

You know that some apps leave folders and trash of data behind when you uninstal them so these old junk files must be cleared. “SD Maid App” is recommended to perform this task very easily and effectively.


Rooting Your Smartphone:

Well, normally if you root your smartphone, you lose the warranty of your device but if doing this does not pain you much, you can move forward and root your Android smartphone to give your device a new life.

Watch the below video to know how to do it:

A rooted smartphone gives you full control over your android device/Smartphone plus you no longer have to depend on your carrier for Android updates and amendments.

Please remember that rooting your smartphone is not without dangers, any serious mistake may turn your device into an unusable piece of scrap but rooting your smartphone has more benefits than risks so if you are not satisfied with your present Android situation then you should definitely try this option. Good luck

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