ambulance stolen for strip club visit

Man Steals Ambulance To Visit A Strip Club (Video)

ambulance stolen for strip club visitThere are many excuses that you could tell the police why you stole an ambulance in front of a hospital. To pick up the heavily pregnant girlfriend at home, for example. Or to rescue a seriously injured man in a car accident. Bryan Kryscio from Oakland, United States, had decided to tell the truth.

This 51-year-old homeless Michigan man stole an unattended unlocked Star EMS ambulance outside of McLaren Hospital for strip club visit. The suspect was only driving 5 miles per hour when he was taken into custody.
Police say this happened Sunday night after 51-year-old Bryan Kryscio stole an ambulance from outside of the emergency room, while the keys were still inside.

The video shows the EMS vehicle swerving into the wrong lane. It eventually comes to a stop. Kryscio told police he was en route to the Booby Trap strip club.

Man Steals Ambulance To Visit A Strip Club (Video):

The officials from Oakland County sheriff say the man has mental health issues and is known through previous encounters with law enforcement agencies. He will eventually have to answer on charges of car theft.

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