Man VS CRab

Man VS Crab: A Crab Loves Your Soft Tongue

One crab on the tongue is better than 10,000 in the bush.This is why you should never kiss a crab because crabs actually like soft and tender human tongues for lunch.

People do stupid shit every now and then. Just like that jackass who killed himself in Maine last weekend setting a firework off on his head. The guy with the crab is a Peace Prize winner compared to that guy. This Video is a proof that we are living in the era of Smartphones and stupid People.

Man VS Crab: A Crab Loves Your Soft Tongue (Video)

Now this dirty Crabkisser dude speaks with a forked tongue like a lizard. He has already posted his next performance video on youtube, in which he is taunting a snapping turtle with his penis.

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