Facebook shared Schumacher Pic

Michael Schumacher accident video is a nasty Trojan

Michael Schumacher video is a trojanFacebook-shared Michael Schumacher’s video Pic (Trojan)

The newly programmed Trojans have dangerous functions like professional cyber weapons. Its very sad to see that the cyber criminals thesedays are taking advantage of the horrible skiing accident of German 7-time formula 1 car racing world champion Michael Schumacher which happened in France a few days ago and an alleged video of the ferrari champions skiing accident is currently wandering around like a ghost on the social media Facebook. These online criminals have taken up the tragic accident of Michael Schumacher and luring the users on Facebook with this alleged accident video into the very filthy trap. Any sensation seeking user who opens this French-written link (under the still-image of a video player) runs into the risk of infecting their PC with a trojan that is currently only detcetable by very few antivirus security solutions so far as this trojan is only 3 days old and programmed very cleverly.

The website mimikama.at reported this fact. The origin of this fake status-message is apparently from France showing these words in a video link on the social networks => “Moment de’l accident de Michael Schumacher ( EXCLUSIF )” as shown in the pic above. Anyone who clicks on that video link is redircted to a video website “video-baash.com.”. Here the alleged video is displayed as a seducing fixed-image of a mountain cascading skier in red outfit. So if the user clicks on the player-button, he/she will have to share this video first on the facebook which is obviously done by many tons of thousands of users already. After that the user should install the webplayer file named “webplayer_us.exe” of the company Sophos Kreapixels that is actually a trojan (Remote Access Trojan) R.A.T with the help of which the attackers can control and monitor the computer of their victims. This Trojan works very efficiently and grows itself very rapidly thats why users need to be very very careful what they download on their computers. Its, nevertheless highly recommended that you get your computer system completey and thoroughly scanned to identify any threat using a latest and good malware detector . So hands off from Michael Schumacher accident video on social medias. You may also feel free to use the following effective Bitdefender online scanner :

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