Mio Alpha from Medisana

Mio Alpha Medisana: Strapless Pulse Measurement Via LED Sensor

Mio Alpha from MedisanaThe world’s first and the latest heart rate monitoring wrist watch Mio Alpha from Medisana measures your pulse via LED sensor and works completely without a chest strap or finger sensor. It is presented at IFA 2013 to the visitors. The Mio Alpha uses a most innovative LED technology and Electro-Optical Lens for measuring the exact, continues and steady pulse reading on the wrist. The user do not notice the measurement and even fast movements while running or biking should not affect the pulse measurement which makes MIO Alpha pulse watch the perfect companion for sport activities.

In addition to the Normal time, the exercise time,  the intensity of user’s physical activity and the heart rate are also displayed on the LCD screen . The pulse values can also be transmitted to fitness Apps, such as Runtastic on the iPhone 5,  iPhone 4S and iPod touch 5. Gen via Bluetooth 4.0 Smart.

 Mio Alpha Pulse Rate Monitoring Watch : (Product Introduction Video)

“MIO alpha Medisana” has already won several prestigious awards, including the “Design & Engineering Showcase Award ” at this year’s CES in Las Vegas which is the world’s largest consumer electronics trade shows. The latest innovative sports watch “Mio Alpha” also won the title of “Product of the year 2013” at the ISPO sports fair in Munich.

Mio Alpha from Medisana

 How Mio Alpha Works: 

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