MixBit Video App

MixBit Video App: YouTube Founders Launch New Video App

MixBit Video App

YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen have designed the new MixBit video App almost seven years after they sold their Video Platform to Google for $ 1.65 billion, and now they are back with this new MixBit video App, starting up on the current trend of short video clips. MixBit allows users to record video snippets up to 16 seconds in length and join them togetehr. Up to 256 short videos may reach a length of one hour. Which means up to 256 short videos can get a length of one hour.

“Today we want to remove the barriers to video creation.” wrote Chad Hurley on the official  company’s blog MixBit Blog. The making of personal videos should therefore be intuitive and flexible with MixBit recording tools.  People should be encouraged and enabled to work together on clips and collaborate with each other. MixBit is currently offering more design options than its competitors. It also lets people upload their videos without having to sign up and getting them logged in. The main objective of MixBit creators is to make a community of creative video enthusiasts who  record the videos and want to share these with each other. Unlike other services, the clips can be uploaded to internet via MixBitt totally anonymously.

The regular and usual channels like Twitter, Facebook or Google+ serve as platforms. Apps are currently in trend and fashion for taking and sharing short video clips and so the Twitter is relying on its service Vine, which allows six seconds long videos that can be played endlessly in circles. Recently on the Facebook’s own photo platform Instagram, an option to upload 15 second videos has also been added. The MiBit video app permits users to post videos from 1 second (Minimum) to one hour long (Maximum), and the users have the facility to grab other videos shared by the community and collaborate with the rest of the world.

MixBit is only available for Apple devices so far, but  an Android version will follow soon. You can download MixBit App for your iOS devices here.

MixBit Video App :

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