New Whatsapp features that you must try

Lahore(Web Desk) – From recently launching the video chat option to new features for group chat, the instant messaging app for smartphones Whatsapp keeps bestowing its consumers with the latest updates.

Replying to one person in group chat

Now people using android or Apple iPhone can reply to one person or highlight the message of a single person in group chat by using the new feature. One just has to select the respective message of the person and go to options, then select the reply option – the arrow pointing leftwards.

Mentioning people in group chat

Whatsapp users can now mention each other as in comments section of Facebook posts using ‘@’ symbol. One just has to type @ and write initials of the contact name. In this way, the user can mention a specific people during group chat. These collective chats can get a little messy so this feature helps a lot.

Hearing voice notes

You can hear voice notes while using Whatsapp close to your ears as in calls. It will not play on phone’s speaker if you bring the phone closer to ear after playing the voice message.

Text formatting

You can play with your text in Whatspp by making the words bold and italic by adding ( _ ) and ( * ) respectively at the start and end of your message before sending. Whatsapp users can also omit and strike off words using ( ~ ) in the same fashion.

Seen or not seen in group chat

Apart from this, you can know which members of a group chat have seen your message by selecting a certain message and going to the info in iOS and android phones.

The world’s most popular instant messaging app for android and iOS recently added new emojis for gender diversity such that more sports women will now be featured. Also, emojis for pregnant woman, selfie, rainbow, same-sex couple, facepalm and female working woman will be added.

It has increased the video stability for improved experience of video chat. The option to download and upload heavier videos along with sending multiple photos at one instant are also worth mentioning here.

It supports GIF formats files such that Whatsapp users can share animated GIFfiles, some which are really witty.

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