New Zealand Landscapes

New Zealand Landscapes: A Dreamy Timelapse Volume Two

This New Zealand Landscapes timelapse features Artist Bevan Percival’s best work til date. It represents hours and hours of his dedication to the art. Bevan Percival is driven by chasing fleeting moments of damatic light on alluring and appealing landscapes and also catching the night sky and milky way in all it’s glory is a real buzz.

Not be mention curling up out under the stars beside all the gear for whole nights at a time catching some sleep here and there between checking the gear and changing batteries and staring up into eternity with spectacular meteors burning up in the cosmic shore out the corner of your eye. Doing this sort of thing has bought the artist closer and closer to the wilderness. There is something about doing this sort of stuff that just makes you want to keep coming back for more and more. Maybe it’s the experience of being out there at one with the incredible beauty of this landscape. Maybe it’s the challenge of capturing it in the camera in the way that you witnessed it. Maybe it’s the excitement of seeing just what you got when you finally render it all out. Maybe it’s the satisfaction you get out of showing this to other people. Most probably it’s a combination of all these things.

All scenes shot in the North Island of New Zealand.

Main equipment used for the creation of this video:

Canon 5D Mark II & various Canon Lenses
Dynamic Perception Stage Zero 6ft Dolly


“Go Beyond” by Ben and Matt Hales, licensed for use through Universal Publishing Production Music and APRA New Zealand.

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