RP VITA-iRobot

NexT XBox and Tech Robots: Microsoft Announces Next Xbox, Helping Hand Robots

Big news from Microsoft. It plans to debut the next generation XBox game on May 21st. Robots offer helping hand, Samsung Galaxy S4 details and cool functions, Professional and home made robots to help you complete certain tasks, Bike for blind people, Robotic wheel Chairs with a voice activated arm that can carefully reach for objects, iRobots, some educational robots that take over human tasks having visual programming language. Special iRobot for Patient’s monitoring and more in NexT XBox and Tech Robots video.


This first autonomous telemedicine robot RP-VITA is created by iRobot and InTouch Health. RP-VITA is a medical assistant that lets an absent doctor communicate directly to a patient, through a videoscreen mounted onto a rolling tower. Tell the system which room to go to via an iPad app or a tablet, and it rolls through the hospital, finding the path on its own. Once it’s at the patient’s bedside, the doctor can use the telepresence system to see and speak.

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