oObad android malware alert

OBAD Malware : A New Super Virus Attacking The Smartphones

oObad android malware alert

A new type of dangerous malware infects mobile phones having Android system. Its very hard to detect and getting rid of this lousy software is not just a child’s play. More than 94.000 viruses have been programmed for Smartphones and 99% of these viruses are directed against the Android operating system. It is widely spread and malicious code which can easily be infiltrated and injected through apps or via download links. This malware “OBAD” is so far the most vicious and dangerous piece of code ever discovered by security experts on mobile phones. Many Antivirus softwares are helpless and can not detect this OBAD malware.

The malware called “AndroidOS.OBAD” is multi-talented allrounder. It infiltrates either through an infested application or hides itself behind web-links that are sent via SMS or email to the Android smartphone. It can also download other malware, installs it on an infected device and/or sends it elsewhere through Bluetooth function. OBAD super Trojan can remotely perform commands in the console, and sends SMS to premium-rate numbers without your knowledge.

The first guideline/hint is that the user should suddenly approve the installation of an app. In many cases, innocent users do not think about a virus and allow the app to get installed. Another hint for innocents users is that the program demands “Device administrator rights” so anyone who agrees now has actually a very little chance to get rid of the virus again using conventional methods.

The virus conceals itself and the app can not be found on your smartphone. Only one possibility to notice that infection on your smartphone is to get hurt by it first and only then the user becomes aware of being infected by this super malware. For example, when expensive premium SMS charges appear on your monthly telephone bill or if you notice extreme changes in speed and data-exchange of your mobile phone

The antivirus security specialist expert Roman Unuchek from Kaspersky says,” “With the device Administrator rights, the software takes practically full control over the phone. The program can not be uninstalled or blocked or controlled and it knows almost all the vulnerabilities of the Android system very well.”

He further says “At a glance, we knew this one was special. Malware writers typically try to make the codes in their creations as complicated as possible, to make life more difficult for anti-malware experts, However, it is rare to see concealment as advanced as Obad.a’s in mobile malware.”

The cyber criminals can remotely control the infected smartphone as long as the smartphone is connected to the wireless network. Even many antivirus programs are weak and powerless. Large parts of the OBAD-program-codes are encrypted and can hardly be detected.

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