One Pound Fish Man : Official Video

One Pound Fish Man : After Spiderman and Batman, here comes the incredible Fishman. A Pakistani Nazir Ahmad’s unique style of selling Fish in East London. He went to study in UK and started working part time on a market stall selling fish to support his family in Pakistan. This all started as his boss, the fish shop owner asked him to sell the fish by shouting like the other market traders

One Pound Fish Man :

but he denied and decided to sing about the fishes and within a month of him singing fish ditty, he became an internet sensation and his video got 4.5 million hits.

Nazir Says, “People came from America, Canada, everywhere, wanting my autograph and not buying fish unless I sung. I feel special. I think I’m watching a dream and someone will touch me and I’ll wake up.”

His single ‘One Pound Fish’ has been named as a renegade contender for Christmas number one by The Official Charts Company.


one pound fish man


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