One Way To Get People To Put Down Their Cellphones

We are all addicted to our cellphones – Most of us anyway! We can’t put them down – even when we’re out with other people. A Brazilian ad agency created this witty commercial for their client, a bar. It’s not meant to be taken seriously – unless we all want waterlogged phones – but it’s funny – and food for thought!

Let’s enjoy our friends – and pry the phones from our hands! But that awkward moment probably will come when you forget you’re suppose to place it back on your phone. So Ladies and gentlemen, please put down your cell phones and watch this witty video below.

I wish more people would actually take the time to watch this video and try to comprehend how disconnected we have become. Even at a pub where you should be enjoying the company of friends.

One Way To Get People To Put Down Their Cellphones:  (Video)

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