Online Storage Service Backblaze Now More Unlimited Than Ever Before

Backblaze online storageBackblaze offers users a simple and straight-forward solution to backing up their data. For $5 a month, BackBlaze users can backup an unlimited amount of computer data onto BackBlaze data centers. This is done through the Internet.

A handful of restrictions are applicable. The backup service is restricted to just one computer and to files no larger than 4GB in size. Multiple computers can be added to the Backblaze account for an additional $5 per computer. BackBlaze does not backup a handful of other files. For the complete list, consumers should refer to the company’s website.

Backblaze Key Features Review:


  • Get backup files mailed to you on a DVD or USB drive.
  • Multiple Computer Backup. Additional computers can be added to the account for $5 per computer.
  • Backup files on USB drives or any connected external drives.
  • Restore Versions are kept up to four weeks before being updated.

Key New Features Update:


  • Unlimited file size (up from 9 GB)
  • Backup any file type
  • Backup VMWare and Virtual Machines
  • Restore to 1TB external drive (up from 500 GB)
  • Added Automatic Throttle to maximize the efficiency of uploading of your connection

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